About Padraig

With 12 years' teaching experience, and 7 years university training, Padraig has the expertise needed to take your playing to the next level.


Padraig is a Brisbane based guitarist, with two Masters of Music degrees from Qld Conservatorium of Music, where his playing has earned him the Conservatorium Guitar Prize as well as High Distinctions in all his post-Graduate recitals.


Padraig is one of Brisbane's leading guitarist-composers, and has had compositions published internationally . On acoustic, electric and classical guitar, he has toured Australia performing at prestigious venues, and as a producer, he has an album out on all major digital platforms.

In masterclasses and private lessons, Padraig has learnt from Pepe Romero, Slava and Leonard Grigoryan, Chrystian Dozza, Ana Vidovic, Karin Schaupp, Aleksandr Tsiboulski, Peter Constant, Marion Schaap and Anthony Garcia. Most significantly to his style he has completed 5 years of study under the renowned British recitalist Julian Byzantine.

Performing both solo and with Iranian/World group "Sweet Sound", the "Brisbane Guitar Quartet" and the guitar duo "Duo Pelo Largo", Padraig has played at such illustrious venues as Deakin's Edge in Melbourne, the Concourse Theatre in Sydney, Brisbane City Hall, the Powerhouse Theatre, the Gold Coast Arts Centre, the Gallery of Modern Art, St John's Cathedral, the Queensland State Library, Queen st. Mall, Gold Coast Exhibition Centre and other less known venues in Sydney, rural NSW and Adelaide. He also performed as part of Encounters Festival, the Rebirth Project, Iranian Film Festival, The Brisbane Nowruz Festival and the 5th Annual World Forum on Music.



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What some of his classical guitar students say:  

"During my lessons, I am always impressed (and thankful) for his patience, allowing me time to comprehend and process each concept being taught.

Padraig is a quality teacher, I would recommend him to anyone thinking of beginning a journey with the guitar or taking their playing to the next level, whatever that may be!"


- Bill, 51.

"Padraig's expertise at guitar as well as his engaging and supportive teaching techniques, has been invaluable for my development in learning the instrument"


- Sam, 24.

"I think Padraig is an awesome guitar teacher. He explains things really well to me and goes over the music patiently with me. He plays the songs that I like to play and makes me enjoy music."


- Minh, 9.

"I came to Padraig as a complete beginner – only three months of lessons later I can play pieces, entertain friends, and even (albeit slowly) read music! Padraig is a patient, encouraging teacher, and his lessons are fun and interesting with a great balance of technique and theory. Most importantly his lessons inspire me to practice and become a better player – they are a highlight of my week!."


- Anna, 19.

"I came to guitar lessons with Padraig with more than a few guitar teachers under my belt and some skills, but also some bad habits. I wish to play well and sought a teacher whose technique was superb and who was capable of correcting my technique and helping me to achieve a fine musical tone facilitated by an excellent technique. In Padraig I believe I have found a teacher with these capabilities. Padraig plays exquisitely and is also a very pleasant, patient, and very skilful teacher of guitar. After one term with Padraig my technique and sound is already so much better. It is most gratifying! I am now confident that I am on the road to playing well."


- Deb, 61.